DESIGN: Netropolis Draft this Friday, and a New Hack

I’m excited to be hosting a Netropolis draft this Friday at 10 p.m. ET.  I’ve struggled with the UB mechanic, Hack, and have designed probably six or seven different attempts.  The latest is a variation on the unnamed “grind” mechanic from Gatecrash, which milled your opponent until you hit a land card.  So hack is an action word that will perform the “grind” action, and then most cards that hack will also have an additional effect depending on how many cards you’ve hacked (read: milled through the “hack” action) this turn.

Originally, the hack effect (the one dependent upon the milling effect of hack) only cared about how many cards you hacked with that specific hacking action.  But one of the potentially frustrating things about this mechanic is that you have very little control over the top of your opponent’s deck, and so too often you’ll want a minimal effect from your hack card but only end up milling one or two cards.  Changing it so these effects only care how many cards you’ve hacked this turn — not just the ones you hack with that card — allows you to set up cool turns where you chain hack effects together to end up with a splashy finishing hack effect.  It creates the possibility of a hack deck that puts hack cards together not just to mill your opponent for the victory, but to create highly impactful spells.

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